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2024 Saudi Arabia Riyadh SEA EXPO

At the 2024 SEA exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, our Cotton Candy Vending Machine took center stage. With its excellent performance and innovative design, this machine not only attracted the attention of many visitors, but also triggered a fierce buying craze at the scene. Many customers bid high prices to take home this efficient and user-friendly vending machine.

This phenomenon not only demonstrates the strong appeal of our products in the market, but also verifies their wide recognition on the international stage. With its unique personalized features and fast service efficiency, our Cotton Candy Vending Machine ensures that every customer can enjoy customized and delicious marshmallows, elevating the traditional gourmet experience to a new level. The successful display at the SEA exhibition in Riyadh laid a solid foundation for the expansion of our brand in the Middle East market.

For more information about Cotton Candy Vending Machine, please go to the store to learn more!

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