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2024 China HomeLife Indonesia EXPO

Reflecting on a Sweet Success: Our Journey at the 2024 China HomeLife Indonesia EXPO We are filled with gratitude and joy as we reflect on our remarkable journey at the 2024 China HomeLife Indonesia EXPO. Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine, a blend of innovation and tradition, captivated hearts and sparked imaginations, demonstrating the delightful intersection […]

2023 China HomeLife Mexico Expo

In 2023, we are proud to bring our company’s latest innovative product, the Cotton Candy vending machine, to the China Home Life Mexico Expo. This is a perfect combination of food and technology, bringing a unique taste experience to the exhibitors. At the expo, our Cotton Candy vending machine demonstrated its excellent production capabilities and […]

2023 Dubai DEAL Exhibition Cotton Candy Vending

At the 2023 Dubai DEAL Exhibition (Middle East Amusement Equipment and Entertainment Exhibition), our company’s Cotton Candy vending machine became the focus, starting a journey of integration of sweetness and technology. The vending machine attracted the attention of many visitors and professional buyers and became the star product at the exhibition. Its exhibition not only […]

2023 American IAAPA Exhibition Cotton Candy Vending

At the 2023 American IAAPA Theme Park and Amusement Equipment Exhibition, our company led a sweet revolution. Our star product, Cotton Candy vending machine, shined at the exhibition with its innovative technology and attractive design. This machine not only redefines the food experience in amusement parks and theme parks, but also demonstrates our unique vision […]

2024 EAG Expo London Candy Vending

Embark on a Journey of Sweetness with Us at the 2024 EAG Expo in the UK! We are thrilled to announce that our innovative Cotton Candy Vending Machine will be making its delightful appearance at the prestigious 2024 EAG Expo in the United Kingdom. Designed with both elegance and functionality in mind, our machine is […]



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