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2023 American IAAPA Exhibition Cotton Candy Vending

At the 2023 American IAAPA Theme Park and Amusement Equipment Exhibition, our company led a sweet revolution. Our star product, Cotton Candy vending machine, shined at the exhibition with its innovative technology and attractive design. This machine not only redefines the food experience in amusement parks and theme parks, but also demonstrates our unique vision for the future of retail.

Our perfect example of a perfect combination of traditional gourmet food and modern technology. It can make colorful and soft marshmallows for customers in just a few minutes, and every bite is full of the taste and fun of childhood. What’s even more exciting is that this vending machine has a user-friendly interactive interface that allows customers to customize their marshmallows, including color, size and even flavor, ensuring that every marshmallow can meet the customer’s personality needs.

At the IAAPA exhibition, our Cotton Candy vending machine not only attracted countless visitors to stop and experience it, but also received high praise from experts in the industry. Its success demonstrates our company’s leadership in food automation and customer experience innovation, and also heralds our future potential in the theme park and amusement equipment industry.

We believe that through the successful display at this exhibition, will start their global market journey and bring joy and surprises to more consumers. In the future, we will continue to work on technological innovation and product optimization to provide more exciting food experiences for theme parks and amusement park attractions around the world.

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